31 January 2009

Octuplets and other multiples

So the news this week is full of drama about a woman in California who had octuplets. Apparently, the biggest drama is about the fact that she already had 6 children, all of them by IVF. Also, no other parent in the picture.

Of course, the pro-birth people are shutting up and shutting up fast. Other than to say that she never should have had the embryos made in the first place.

I very much support a woman's right to choose what to do with her body. And I think it's bugfuck stupid to have 8 embryos implanted when you already have 6 kids, but I also think it's her right to do it. Just as much as the Duggars have the right to have 18 kids (or whatever the hell they're up to). Now, that being said, were I the doctor, I'd tell her "No fucking way". I wouldn't extract the eggs, I wouldn't make the embryos, and I sure as hell wouldn't implant them. I mean, she probably didn't expect all 8 to implant, but still. Why even try with eight? It baffles the mind.

Actually, I started this post last night, and today at church my minister said something that REALLY resonated with me. It fits here, and it fits in a million other places. She said (quoted from memory), "Sometimes, a good, healthy impulse can get twisted and warped into something unhealthy and dangerous". Sounds like that's what's happened here.

I'm definitely going to be talking more about that quote soon. Actually, I'm going to have a lot to say about her whole sermon. Today's was especially thought-provoking. Stay tuned.