26 February 2009

Drive-by posting

What is with the cbc.ca comments and the total lack of compassion for humanity on them? I know that for my own health, I should avoid the comments, but sometimes, I'm just a masochist. It's an all over the internet phenomenon, and it's a little disturbing. People forget that there are real people with real feelings on the other end, I guess. I dunno.

Today, there was a story about a couple from Quebec who got lost in an out of bounds area while skiing, and the woman died of exposure. In the comments, "I'm sorry this guy's wife died, but these people brought it on themselves". Bwuh? Yeah, so they weren't particularly prepared for disaster, having only a couple of granola bars with them, but damn, I mean, they put out SOS signs. Had those been, oh, paid attention to, they'd be okay. Shaken, cold, and hungry, but alive. And as stupid as it is, IMO, to go out of bounds, it still doesn't mean they brought it on themselves. And FURTHER, even if it did, that is a shitty thing to say on a public forum where the family could be reading.

A rule for the wise, and not so wise: You do not have to say everything you think. Especially if what you think is a really shitty thing to say.

corollory: You do not have to believe everything you think. Much of what you think is wrong.


That guy said...

Sometimes I wish that the news organs in this country would just get rid of their comments sections. They invariably make political dialogue stupider.

Luna said...

Yes. Ain't that the truth!