14 February 2009

Valentine's Day. Doesn't do much for me, really. Mr.FCS is not a romantic. Nor am I. Thing is, he does so much for me, and I for him, on a daily basis, that both of us think it's kind of stupid to go out of our way to spend money on each other on Valentine's Day. And besides, neither of us can eat the chocolates anyway.

My daughter is on an anti-valentine rampage. She threw an anti-valentine party last night, and because it was also Friday the 13th, she rented Scary Movie (which her friends totally didn't grok, and we had to shut it off almost immediately). She's a teenager, and rather judgmental about what is stupid, what is lame, and so on. She asked me if there was any point at all.

Here's the thing, there is a point for some people. Some people aren't particularly good at expressing their feelings for each other. And some women (and men, for that matter) are rather underappreciated. Valentine's Day is a day when those people can be treated like Princes or Princesses, and shown that yeah, they really are loved and appreciated, even if their partner doesn't always show it. So, no, I don't begrudge them their special day.

There's something about love styles too. Some people show their love by buying lavish gifts, some by spending lots of time with the other person, some by doing a lot of work for them, and some by writing love notes and making them cool things. Of course, there can be compatibility issues there. I mean, what if you like to be shown the love with gifts, but your partner is more of a time-spender than a money spender? Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to fix that for a day. But people, talk to your partners. Tell them what you want, what you need. And ask them what they want! Don't expect them to know, and don't expect them to tell you.

So, Happy Valentine's Day if you celebrate it. And Happy February 14 if you don't.

Oh, and damnit. Let's make this a stat holiday. We need on in February. It's cold, depressing, and this would be a seriously convenient way to do it. Also, it'd give me and the Mr a day to snuggle on the couch. While folding laundry. :)


Saskboy said...

In AB and SK we have Family Day which is the Monday afterward.

Luna said...

I know. You lucky bastards! :)

Mom lives in Regina. I do miss the prairies sometimes! Not in February though. Even with the extra holiday.