18 February 2009

You call this progress?

I know I'm late to this one, but it's had me fuming so much, I couldn't be coherent. I fear that is still the case.

"With bill C-10, the government is finally acting on improving pay equity, but rather than recognize it as a human right for federal employees, it is turning the issue over to the bargaining table so that any concerns about equal pay for work of equal value will have to be negotiated upfront. The proposed legislation will also revoke employees' rights to complain to the Canadian Human Rights Commission when pay equity is not honoured, and would penalize unions that try to advocate on their behalf."

Well colour me livid. I'm all sorts of glad I don't work for the feds right now. I'd be fired faster than you can say "harper is an asshole".

Tell me, how can legislation revoke a right? It's a right! They put it into law that people can be fucked over on pay equity, and can't even complain to the CHRC about it?

Iggy, you're a bastard for letting this through. A diseased donkey sucking ratbastard. You sold us out for power. What else could it be?

Seriously, tell me one upside to this that doesn't involve putting women in their place. Because I don't see it.

Mr.FCS says, "Look long term." Of course, this is a man who doesn't see any pay equity issues in the government and doubts any and all stats saying we get paid less. He also thinks that once the kids are 6 years old I can just go back to a high paying job like 10 years out of the workforce means nothing. It's not sexism on his part. It's absolute naiveté.