24 March 2009

Random acts of kindness

I'm a big fan of random acts of kindness. Big fan. I'm all hormonal now (thanks baby!), and there's an ad on TV where one person does some little thing for someone else, and someone else entirely sees it, and spreads the happiness by doing something else nice. Well, I tear up half the time I see this stupid ad. (I have no idea what it's for, actually, so whatever they're selling isn't working on me).

Share with me some random acts of kindness you've seen or done lately. I'm always looking for ideas for little things I can do for people.

I'll start: There's a dry cleaner in NYC who offers free dry cleaning to unemployed people who have a job interview. How completely awesome is that?

Little things I do:

  • I carry granola bars when I go downtown. I give them to homeless people who ask for money (and ones who don't). Costs me less than a loonie that I might otherwise give them. I've only once gotten less than a major thank you.

  • I donate money to the United Church's Mission and Service Fund.

  • I got my church to set up a fund for Spread the Net.

  • I do tech support by donation (which means, "for free" :), and when it doesn't, I usually only will take half of what they offer) for seniors, and tell them to give my name to anyone.

It's not much. I really need some inspiration for little things I can do, so share share and share some more!


The Mound of Sound said...

My father was a wonderful man who emerged from the war horribly wounded but persevered to have a long and healthy and productive life. With but a high school education he achieved considerable success in industry. At times I worked in his plant. Dad would always hire a needy veteran he thought could use the work. A lot of them were trying to get their lives together. Some had substance problems, others had brushes with the law. Somehow he knew those he could help out. Almost none of them ever let him down.

When I opened my first law office my Dad gave me a bit of advice. He told me that in most cases it really doesn't cost you much, if anything, to help someone out. I learned from him not to say no without a very good reason for it. Over the years I was able to help out a fair number of people and the truth is it made me feel as good, maybe even better, than it made them feel.

I still like to help the old folks load their groceries in their cars. Just little things like that. Sort of like a drive-by good deed. A little help and on your way. You can see how it lifts their spirits. There's not many things you can buy that will give you that sort of reward.

Luna said...

Thank you! That is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to read. :)

I like the helping old folks with their groceries idea. It's something I could definitely do if I only have one of the kids with me.

I like the idea that one shouldn't say no without a good reason. I've always felt that way. Someone said to me about street beggars, "Who are you to judge whether they need it? Who are you to judge whether it's going to go to liquor, their one source of solace, or to food?" That really resonated with me.

Chimera said...

I like the idea of carrying granola bars! I don't like them, myself, so it never occurred to me that anyone else might like them, at all. I guess if I were hungry enough, I wouldn't refuse to eat one. Stocking up! Thanks.