13 March 2009

Thank you!

Wow. Apparently, I'm not getting comment notifications. I popped back on here to post about something I've forgotten now (the baby ate my brain), and I see a whole slew of congratulations. Just for that, I'll post a picture or two. Because you know, everyone wants to see your baby pictures. ;)

He's a good baby, and by that I mean, he lets me sleep regularly. His autistic big brother (3) is handling the transition rather well, all things considered. And his big sister (14) is well, a teenager. She's happy to hold him when he's quiet, and hand him off when he's not. Typical, eh?

I need nicknames for these kids, because damned if I'm going to give their real ones, and initials just don't do it for me. Ideas?

Now, off to try to remember what I was going to write about in the first place!