03 April 2009

A Safe Ride

BC Transit leaves a lot to be desired. There is no bus service to the University of Victoria after 12:30AM. So if one is downtown at the clubs, one either goes home way early, relies on taxis (which lots of people can't afford), or drives - usually after drinking. Not good. So when this story from the Martlet (the UVic newspaper) about a service to shuttle students from downtown to UVic came out (also here at Canada.com), I was more than a little pleased.

However, there's a rather major hole in this plan: Rajit Thind is a sex offender. He was convicted of sexual assault on a woman who flagged down his taxi cab. I cannot find any stories about this online. Here's the local Times Colonist headlines. Nothing. Squat. There's also nothing on CHEK news's website, and CHEK news is where I first heard this story.

So I have a few questions. First, how in hell did this asshole get a license to run a shuttle service? He lost his taxi license, but he can run a shuttle bus? WTF? Second, why in hell isn't this plastered all over the news?! A sex offender is offering a safe ride service to drunk university students, and this isn't front page news? It is clear that the safety of women isn't a big concern. Third, why why why is a sex offender not given restrictions on who he can spend time around? i.e. "Asshole shall not be alone with women ..." etc.