23 April 2009

So many things going on!

There are so many stories to cover, and so many demands from my children!

First, there's The Case Against Breastfeeding and a very nice article addressing it.

My take: Breastfeeding is best. It should be supported with everything we have. If I feed my kids fast food every night instead of food from the organic garden growing in my backyard, that's not cool. But if I don't have the support to grow the garden, that's another story.

Then there's Miss California and her bullshit statements against same-sex marriage, and the shitstorm that created. Okay, here's the thing: marriage is both religious and civil. A civil marriage shouldn't be denied to anyone because of the sex organs of the couple. To do so is discrimination by the state. A religious marriage is up to the church to decide on. If the church believes same-sex marriage isn't kosher (ha!) then that's up to them. If the church is, oh, let's call it righteous, and wants to marry two men or two women, well then they should just go ahead and do that. Why is this so hard to understand for the rightards?

Then, there's Earth Day and the utterly fucking ridiculous claim that fat people are "less green". The fat-bashing and fat-hate that continues to sully our society needs to just fucking stop. Now. There are some really damaging myths out there. Like "overeating causes obesity". Think it's true? Go read this. I'm not going to repeat the whole thing here. Gist is, we are genetically predetermined to be a certain weight. If we starve ourselves, we can lose weight, but it will NOT be healthy for our bodies. So quit with the oppressive "Lose weight or you're a drain on society" bullshit.

There are so many stories to cover, and I'm going to let a number of really good ones go by. There's no helping that.