16 April 2009

So Obama won't be prosecuting the torturers. Big surprise. Not.

Well, pardon the fuck out of me, but since when is "I was only following orders" a valid defense for violating all sorts of laws? I'd say Obama is a coward for doing this, but I'm rather certain it has nothing to do with cowardice and everything to do with political advantage.

My FIL, whom I mentioned in my last post, is a conservative. At least we agree on one thing: politicians suck. Every last one of 'em is not to be be trusted.

Oh, and am I the only one who saw this "Interrogators were told not to allow a prisoner's body temperature or caloric intake to fall below a certain level, because either could cause permanent damage" and thought of abusive assholes who kidney punch so that they don't leave marks everyone can see?

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RevDave said...

It's interesting, I think, that Obama has now signed into reality the "we were just following orders" defence for the interrogators, without rejecting the current logic put down by the Bush administration that the people at the top were "just writing policy." That way, it seems, nobody, at any level, has to accept responsibility for anything.

Very elegant, and, as you say, very politician-ish.