15 June 2009

Jon and Kate Plus Cameras

Okay, I confess, I've seen this show. I find it repugnant. My daughter, OTOH, watches it like the trainwreck that it is. She also reads People magazine (I know, what kind of kid am I raising?! But she says, "Celebrity gossip is my guilty pleasure", so at least she isn't trying to defend it). So, being stranded in Central Hell, I decided to read the latest People. Now, I don't let too much offend me (many things annoy me, but few offend me), but Jon's description of his kids was fucking disgusting.

Joel: "He's the youngest of the six and a womanizer. He's like, 'Oh, ou smell nice. I love your hair.' ...

A womanizer? Seriously? WTF kind of thing is this to say about a child? It's repulsive. The kid says something nice to someone, and he's a womanizer? He's trying to use her? WTF?! Would he say something like this about his daughters? Well yes, he would.

Cara: "... She also has a lot of boyfriends, which I don't agree with."

Uh, wtf, dude! The little boy is a "womanizer" and you clearly find that cute. The little girl has boyfriends, and that isn't cool with you. Double standard much?

Why are you sexualizing your kids? It's icky. Stop it.