15 June 2009

Still in Hell...

At least the temperature makes it feel that way. Gah. So hot.

I'm in Regina, back in the land of internet access, and I'm trying to figure out what to write about, as all that's been on my mind lately is how annoying my in-laws are, how I suck for thinking that, as really, they're pretty decent people, how frustrated I am with my Mom and her demonspawn doctors, how worried I am about her (holy shit, she's thin!), and how fucking much I hate traveling with Celiac Disease. I am so sick. What's worse, so are my husband and my kids.

I did see something that I thought, "WHOA! There's a blog post". Well, a few things, but I haven't managed to download my pictures to make fun of some of it. Seriously, I mean, "World's Biggest Paperclip"? Lame. However, what I was thinking of was how a very nice Catholic lady reacted when I asked her opinion on the new legislation in Alberta. She's a teacher, so I thought it was a gimme. Apparently, I was picking a fight. Oops.

First of all, she hadn't heard about it. So I explained it as neutrally as I could. I said that the new legislation allowed parents to take their kids out of classes that were considered controversial, and that teachers were required to send notice to the parents when any of these topics were coming up. Also, that students who were pulled out wouldn't be required to learn the material, and therefore couldn't be tested on it. Fair enough?

No. Certainly not. First of all, she said that it clearly wasn't Christians who dreamed this up. It was the Muslims. (Now, remember, she hadn't heard about the issue before.) Oh, and the Hindus. Seriously. Hindus. Where she came up with this, I have no idea. I suspect her ass though.

Then, she said that evolution is only a theory, and shouldn't be taught as fact, and that the Christian view should be taught along side of it, like they do at her school (!). I said, "But there's no scientific evidence for that side. So why should it be taught in science class?" That shut her up. She sputtered for a minute, and I knew perfectly well that it was a good thing I said "evidence" and not "proof" because I could totally see where her mind was going. Ha. Point for me.

Then she said that people were welcome to take their kids out of classes anyway, so why was this a big deal? I said that it was because students wouldn't have the same education, that Christian kids wouldn't have to take tests on certain topics, to which she had the fucking audacity to say that it was the Muslims again, and that students aren't tested on these subjects anyway. Bwuh?

I said that teachers were worried, because topics can come up in class without being scheduled, and that they were worried they'd be in trouble if they talked about it. They were worried about the definition of "controversial". She didn't know what to say about that. She is a teacher, after all.

Oh, and you know what? She only stopped teaching The Lord's Prayer to the kids in her classes 3 years ago. Wow.

Batshit crazy. I'm starting to understand why some people think religious people are all batshit crazy. I'm religious. Please, if I start sounding like her, TELL ME! :)

Here's the thing I really don't grok: the Catholic Church isn't anti-evolution. Why is she doing this? Why would she roll her eyes when I said, "Well, I'm certainly Christian, and I don't see any problem resolving Christianity with evolution?" I can't figure that one out at all. I mean, the Pope says the same thing, so again, bwuh?

Anyway, pictures of the amazing prairies and silly shit along the way to come when I get home.