10 July 2009

Mash up

I have *so* not been interested in blogging lately. Too much going on, I guess.

For starters, I built a new computer in my copious spare time. YAY! TOYS!

I love that case. I love the two case fans, the bottom-mounted power supply, the quietude. Nice. The mobo is sweet. Not top of the line, but still nice. I haven't had a new machine in quite some time. Built one for Snap (my daughter) right before Pop was born. What a nightmare that was. I had a case with a short. OMG. It took me forever to figure out wtf the problem was. I took it to the good guys over at Gizmo's computers, and they got a kick out of the gigantically pregnant woman who dragged in the gamer box she'd built cursing and swearing about what a piece of shit it was. Ended up being me who figured it out though. Go me! Mind you, it was simple process of elimination...

Anyway, beyond box building, looking after my autistic 3 year old and my infant, working, baking (god, the baking just never ends when you're Celiac), cleaning, dealing with an insurance claim (*sigh* water damage from a leaking faucet while we were at that fucking wedding), I just haven't had time to get to the blog.

And it's not like I haven't seen a dozen stories and thought, "OOOOH! That's blog fodder" :)

Stephen Harper takes communion. *gasp* I'm not even Catholic anymore, but when I saw him hold out one hand, rather than both, and then not immediately eat it, I just gasped in horror. It's all those years of Catholic school. And he's not even Catholic! Damn dude.

And if that's not enough, there's the whole Stephen Harper is saluted story. It's in a number of places, but this one is the one I saw first.

Doesn't this guy know protocol? Or doesn't he care? Is it ignorance or disrespect? Must be one of the two.

In feminist news, there's the BC Supreme Court ruling that refuses to force the International Olympic Committee to add women's ski jumping as a sport. Okay, I have to agree with the ruling to the extent that it's not really on the government to force an international event to add a sport, but OTOH, it's an event being held in BC, and therefore shouldn't be so blatantly sexist. I hate the Olympics approximately as much as I hate Fred Phelps (I admit to some irrationality on that point), so on one hand I don't give a rat's ass. On the other hand, it pisses me off just how sexist the IOC is being. And don't give me any shit about how there aren't enough women doing it. That doesn't fly. There are other Olympic sports with less people in them.

Oh, and then there's Sarah Palin's baffling resignation. Oh Sarah Sarah Sarah, please run for President. The comedy fodder alone makes it worth it. And Tina Fey needs the work. (Okay, so she doesn't, but so what). The best part of Governor Palin's resignation was the riotously funny bit about how mean the media has been to her. OMG. I mean, she was the one who told Hillary Clinton to shut up about it and suck it up. Wasn't it something to the effect of "she needed to suck it up if she was going to run with the big boys"? (Too lazy/busy to hunt up a link) At some point, the other shoe is going to drop (or hit her in the head). I'm sure it wasn't just so she could do a run for president. Or does she think that that's why she had such a hard time running for VP? Because she was still trying to run Alaska? Hard to say. It's not like she's a strategizing genius. I mean, when I hear people say, "Well, this doesn't make sense, so it can't be...", I have to chuckle. Palin never makes sense. She makes sense as often as Cheney is compassionate. It might occasionally seem that way, but no. Just never.

There are a ton of other things I want to talk about, but alas, the 3 year old is hopped up on sugar and his sister Snap is understandably sick of looking after him so Mama can blog. :)