21 August 2009

Appeal the Alves sentence!

Dammit Janet has the goods (via Dr. Dawg) on who to contact about appealing Alves' sentence.

A recap: Alves drugged, raped and beat a woman. The judge decided this didn't make him dangerous, and gave him a suspended sentence.

Here he is:
Fernando Alves - Rapist

Don't accept a drink from this man. Instead, write a letter. A polite, firmly worded letter about why his sentence is completely unjust, and why it needs to be appealed.

And in case this looks like a 180 from my previous post, let me make this clear: Alves is dangerous. Alves will rape again. Alves needs to be locked away. Should it come to the point where he is at death's door, I would support his release too (if we had such a law). Right now though, he is a threat to all women in his vicinity.