14 September 2009

Harper shows his true colours

God bless the guy or gal who videotaped the scheming lizard Harper, showing him for what he is:

Dude. Where do I even start? He's seriously proud to have dropped the national childcare program, in favour of giving money directly to parents so "they could make their own decisions". Wtf decisions are there to be made with $100/month?! It's $1300/month here for childcare. I can't even hire a teenager for $100/month. The only people who benefit here are are the people who decide to stay home with the kids. And for most people, that's not a decision, that's either a last resort or unavoidable because they can't find a job!

And then there's the Court Challenges program. Oh, Harper, you asshole. Left-wing fringe groups? You mean like those lefties who wanted to stop Keegstra from teaching that the Holocaust is just a conspiracy theory? No? Then it must be the women's rights (i.e. human rights) groups that brought challenges against employers and landlords trying to discriminate against women.

That's right. You heard it here (though not first). Women are a left-wing fringe group (on facebook, even).

h/t Antonia Zerbisias at Broadsides. I am *totally* buying one of those t-shirts when they're available!