26 September 2009

More cuts

So, as I referenced in my last post, the BC government cut funding for the EIBI program for autistic kids. It's inconceivable, but they actually hit a new low. They cut the programs for domestic violence victims, including children.

I am utterly appalled. And you just know that the assholes who thought "Hey, let's cut support for battered women and traumatized children" are the same assholes who say, "Well, if she didn't want to get hit, she should have left".

How can we stop these monsters?

EDIT: Well, will wonders never cease? The government reversed its decision on the domestic violence programs cuts. Good for them. Now let's see some more reversals.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well we can't unless denial by the masses becomes the new normal, which it has. It's sick.