14 September 2009

Parents meeting bullshit

I went to a parents meeting at my kid's high school tonight. She's in Grade 9, so it was a meeting for new parents. I hate these things, but I went because maybe it'd be interesting. Hahaha. Interesting, it was. But only because the Principal was a ... gah... I can't even come up with a decent word for it, but I'll bet a million bucks she votes Conservative.

So, she's going on about how she doesn't like Cs. The school system has already gotten rid of Ds and Es (what the rest of us call Fs). She says we should get rid of Cs too because no one should be average. That they can all get As and Bs, they only need ask for help. Okay, no. Average is what the vast majority of people are. That's why they call it average. Way to make average kids feel like shit. Way to blame the parents and kids if their kids don't excel. Unreal.

So as she's saying this, she goes Way Too Far and says that our kids need to try harder and get better grades because there are more and more international students than ever, and those students are getting As and Bs, and they're getting into University, possibly taking "our kids'" places.

Whoa. Not just whoa, but Full Fucking Stop.

So "our kids", i.e. white kids, are entitled to university, and they're getting screwed out of them by those hard working "international students" (read: Chinese and Japanese kids). "Our kids" need to work harder to keep their places. Not because, oh, it's always a good idea to do one's best.

What racist claptrap!


s said...

Did you speak to the principal about your opinion? It's important that they hear from you.

Luna said...

No, I didn't. I got up and left.