15 October 2009

H1N1 Fun

Well, my household is down with H1N1. I got it first, 9 days ago now, and I would say I could probably go back to work tomorrow, but because I work around a lot of elderly people, I'll give it another few days before I do. What a miserable bloody flu that was. The only one I've had that was worse was the Beijing flu that went around in 1992. That one laid me up for 6 weeks because I got pneumonia in both lungs and a sinus infection from HELL.

So, I've been looking after sick kids. Snap is okay, Crackle is grumpy, threw up once, isn't sleeping worth a damn, and has had a fever off and on, but is otherwise okay. And Pop? Oh my poor little Pop. He's 7 months old and just can't understand why he feels like crap. His one eye is goopy and his cry is so crackly and pathetic. Fortunately, he's the happiest baby on the planet, so it only really gets him upset when he's tired. Otherwise, he's pretty content.

And all that leads to, I've not been following the news or blogs much. I read some of my favourites, like Broadsides (though if they don't fix their damn code, I'm going to quit!), Dammit Janet, Canadian Cynic (even though he insists that it's okay to call specific women 'cunts', I can deal) Unrepentant Old Hippie and Dawg's Blawg pretty much without fail, but other than that, meh.

So what hit me in the news this week was how my demographic, that is, healthy, young women, is being hit hard by H1N1, and they can't figure out why. Let me provide my hypothesis: BECAUSE WE'RE OVERWORKED! We work too much and don't get enough sleep. Is it any wonder we're hit harder than any other group? Seems like a duh moment to me.

Anyway, my husband has Crackle out with him and Pop is sleeping, so now that I've had a little break and cleaned up the living room, I'm going to try to have a nap. What do you think the odds are? 300:1 against? Yeah, that's about right.


pogge said...

Just think. In another two or three weeks you'll be able to get the vaccination for that. *ducks*

Luna said...

Heh. Yeah, I'll be sure to get on that!

jj said...

Oh you poor babies (real ones and adults)! What a drag.

I've heard it's a really loooooong flu, like 3 weeks before you feel 100%. Hope it goes away quicker than that for you & your gang. (Poor little Pop especially.)

Luna said...

Thanks jj. It really is dragging on. I feel somewhat better again today. But it's hard to get enough sleep with the two little ones not sleeping regular hours.