03 October 2009

Radical hospitality

Well, I'm furious. Livid. Incensed. Absofuckinglutely ready to go on a rampage. Fortunately, I am out of the situation in which I could actually rampage.

There's a sickly looking homeless couple who comes by our place about once a week and collects our empties. While they're here, they look through to see if anyone else has left any recycling out. Our strata is trying to get rid of them. The old busybody who lives in the unit three doors down went out and told them to bugger off. They told him that I said they could come to my place to get my empties. I confirmed this with the old busybody who told me "But you don't want those kinds of people coming around here". Don't EVER tell me what I want or don't want. Ever. I said that I would ask them not to go through any one else's recycling, but that they were welcome to come to my place for mine. If he or anyone else caught them going anywhere else, fine, ask them to leave. But they are welcome at my house any time.

I will not compromise on this unless they start doing damage. As it stands right now, they walk around looking for recycling. They are poor; they are sick; they are homeless. What kind of Christian would I be if I sent them away when I'm in a position to help?

So help me GOD, I will NOT compromise my ethics just because some old asshole doesn't like the looks of "those people".