26 November 2009

Child safety

First, hotel living SUCKS. But having a new kitchen in a couple more days? AWESOME.

My sincerest condolences to the family of the little boy who fell to his death at Pearson airport. I know you will never ever be the same. May your memories of him eventually bring you comfort. May your faith in God give you strength.

In other safety news, GIANT crib recall. Now, I'm affected by this - my son sleeps in a recalled crib. The same one his brother slept in. This worries me, because I've thought for a while that this crib sucks. The latches on the drop side suck. They're crappy crappy plastic. I can't help but think that Storkcraft products went to hell some time back. Like about the time they started outsourcing to China, I'm thinking. Maybe not. But that's just my feeling.

So now what do I do? Wait for the crappy replacement kit like I did last time there was a recall? Use the crappy replacement kit when it eventually arrives (took 9 weeks last time), even though the US is saying not to, because it's also crappy plastic? Use the crappy kit and then what? Then the side won't go down. Same problem if I buy a new crib. I have a very bad back. I can barely get him into a playpen when he's asleep when I'm having a good day. On a bad day? Forget it. And what are short women to do? My best friend is 4'11''. How she'd ever get a child into a crib without drop sides is beyond me.

It really bothers me that companies don't give a rat's ass about child safety, and give even less of a rat's ass about how Moms are going to get kids into those beds. Cribs are clearly designed by men, which is ridiculous because it is women who do that vast majority of the child rearing when the baby is crib age.