01 November 2009

Pumpkin Pi and other FAIL

Why yes. We are geeks. This was totally wasted on our neighbours, who totally suck. Not only because they don't do the Halloween thing - seriously, we had 3 kids, and we live on the busiest street in our little city. No, our neighbours suck, because they lined the street to watch the stupid Olimpdick torch relay go past. Not cool. I admit, I was seriously angry as it went past. After all, they cut massive amounts of services, just to throw this stupid sporting event. One service in particular affected my family. The EIBI program that my son was on the waitlist for is done. His best shot, gone. I thought I was over it, but no, as that ridiculous display of bullshit went past my house, I was livid. I was in tears. And I wanted nothing more than to go out there and holler obscenities at them all. And yes, I thought of going out there and protesting, but I didn't. And you know why? Because as a parent of two autistic kids and an infant, I couldn't find 20 free minutes to make a freaking sign. Blog posts I can manage because I can leave them and come back. If I left the markers and paper, I'd come back to a HUGE mess. Otherwise, I'd have been out there, pissing off the neighbours. And I wouldn't care, because if they can go out and line the streets to watch an oversized joint go by, they can line the streets to scream about funding cuts. But they don't. And they never will. That's Canada.

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Saskboy said...

It does suck that people often put sports before health. We put lots before health.

Cool pumpkin though.