31 January 2010

The world should know what a disaster this is

It pleases me greatly that it's not just me and a few other BCers who can see that the 2010 Olimpdicks are going to be a giant castrophuck.

I've been saying since Vancouver "won" the fucking bid, that this was going to lose a crappile of money, most of it the taxpayers'. I was not wrong, not even close. Here's the bit I wasn't expecting: cancelling 24,000 surgeries, laying off 233 government employees, 800 teachers and recommending the closure of 14 schools. ASSHOLES.

I think it's the surgeries that make me the maddest, though the 233 employees are pretty infuriating too. I know a lot of people waiting for surgeries - I work with old people - and they are suffering. Hard. The husband of one of my friends is dying in pain because his surgery was cancelled so many times he's now not able to get the surgery because he's too far gone. It's unconscionable.

I really don't give a rat's ass who is best in the world at shooting while skiing, or who can slide down a chute faster than anyone else. Why in hell would we want to spend $9 on this, never mind $9,000,000,000? I hope Gordon Campbell suffers for this, somehow, somewhere, I hope he suffers. Not very Christian of me, is it? I'm just so angry, I'm having a hard time letting go of my fury and doing something constructive with it.


Chrystal Ocean said...

Am as furious as you about the Vancouver Olympics. In a city where there are already too many homeless, low-income renters get evicted from their homes in favour of the more deserving; i.e., the more expensive lofts that have been built to replace the old residences. And now we've a corporate- and media-funded DTES 'information' centre (read, propaganda centre) to tell tourists how well BC is dealing with homelessness. Yea, right.

Anonymous said...

You not alone! Favourite line from that guardian article: "After all, the Olympics are primarily a patriotic event, and in the words of the late Howard Zinn, "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism".

The goons and their sound weapons better remember that! I know you couldn't hold me back from joining the anti-owympic marches. Youtube is going to be busy next month.

Luna said...

Good for you, Toe. Send links.

Luna said...

Chrystal: I know, right! It's just infuriating, and damned if I can think of anything useful to do about it except bitch to anyone who'll listen and BEG them not to vote for GFC next time.