30 March 2010

Ashamed to be Canadian

Honestly, I've never been much of a patriot. I always thought (and argued in Grade 4, much to the dismay of my teacher) that patriotism was stupid. Proud to be Canadian? No. Lucky to be Canadian? Hell yes. It's like being proud of being blue-eyed. I was just born this way. Yeah, every once and a while I can feel proud of the government of Canada for doing the right thing, but I have long since figured out that the government does wtf they want, with little regard to what the country as a whole wants, so pride in being Canadian is kinda useless.

I have nothing to be proud of lately, that's for sure! The government doesn't do what I ask of them, doesn't represent my interests, and is actively transforming this country into something to be ashamed of. We're becoming more racist, more sexist, more intolerant. We're actively trying to destroy the planet (see: oil sands).

Some examples:
We're "cracking down" on refugee claimants: Kenney claims this is going to be good because it will "speed up the process". Uh huh. What it'll do is make it possible for the government to get rid of people faster and without the fuss and muss. A safe country list? Really? The minister can just decide that countries are safe for all people and send 'em back without so much as a hearing? This is bullshit.

We're telling women what they can and can't wear in our country (as if it's not their country too): Listen, I know that the burqa is the result of a very sexist, very patriarchal society. But I also know that the women who wear it choose to wear it. Just like I choose to wear a shirt in the summer, even when I'd be a hell of a lot more physically comfortable without it. But I'd be incredibly uncomfortable without it in other ways. Hell, I won't go into my backyard topless! If a society said, "Women must not wear shirts when it is warm", I wouldn't leave my house. I suspect there are a number of Muslim women who will feel the same about going out without their burqa. Some will wear a hijab instead, and feel extremely exposed (like I would in a bikini top, for example). Some will stay in. Some will be forced to stay in by their abusive partners. But if you think for a second that this is a good thing for women, dream on. It's not exactly working in Turkey! Religious burqa-wearing Muslim women aren't welcome in schools and universities. Get in line, or go to hell. That's what we're telling people.

Our plan for maternal health doesn't include contraception and safe abortion! That's ridiculous. Cannon (that asshole) said, "It does not deal in any way, shape or form with family planning. Indeed, the purpose of this is to be able to save lives". What the blooming fuck? That's so stupid, it's painful. Women die because they get pregnant when they're not healthy enough.

Honestly, I would gtfo if I could, because this is utterly intolerable. The paternalistic crap coming out of our government is unbelievable.


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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Well Said! I mean if the gov't can tell women what they CAN'T wear, soon they will be telling us what we CAN wear and that's just freaking spooky.

Clinton said the word that can't be spoken! even by Liberals, ha-ha. The Cons were not amused, ILMAO!

Luna said...

Thanks, y'all.

Luna said...

Toe: I saw that! It was beautiful. I wonder if she could feel Cannon cooling beside her.

And yeah, as for telling us what we can wear, read the cbc comments. There are actually people saying that. "While we're at it, can we also make some of them cover up?!"