17 March 2010

Trust Women

So the American Catholic nuns are saying that they support the healthcare bill, in defiance of what the bishops had to say. Nice. A few quick thoughts:
1) Are we being punked? Is it going to come out that this is a hoax?
2) If not, WOO! Go ladies! I've always been impressed with the strength of conviction that nuns have. And I tell you, they have a LOT more knowledge of what's going on in healthcare than the bishops do. So kudos to them.
3) I really hate that conscience clause bit. If your job requires you to do something in violation of your conscience, find other work. Seriously. And don't give me this, "but I need my job to live" crap. There are LOTS of jobs in healthcare that don't require being party to an abortion. I would NEVER take a job requiring me to provide abortions, or be part of the team providing them. If my job were re-shuffled meaning I had to start doing it, sure, I'd bitch and try to get that changed, but if they wouldn't change it, I'd quit. Simply put, someone else should do that job. I shouldn't be in that position, making it harder for women already in a difficult spot.
4) Hmm, agreeing with Catholics. This can't be good. (Hi Mom *grin*)

h/t Shakesville