24 April 2010

Woof! Why do I get sucked into these arguments?

Well crap. I got sucked into an argument about abortion on Facebook with my moron bio-sisters. (Can I have a HALLELUJAH! that I wasn't raised in the same family as these fucktards?) Between them, they have an iq of 7 and it takes 8 to bark.

Gist of argument: Abortion is murder! *SQUAWK* Women are too stupid to know that what they're doing is the same as what Clifford Olson did! *SQUAWK* If only the stupid women knew the FACTS! They wouldn't do this!

Luna steps in and says: ORLY?

Incapable of barking 1: Yeah! Even rape victims shouldn't abort! Murder! *squawk*

Luna: *head explodes*

I've responded as politely as I can, but you know the forced-birth types. This should escalate to name calling shortly. Maybe then they'll remove me from FB or filter out this garbage from me.

I think I'm going to tell them that if God hadn't wanted women to be able to end their pregnancies, he wouldn't have created herbs with abortifacient properties. :D

Transcript anyone? :)


jj said...

Just remind them that God is the world's most prolific abortionist, given that most fertilized eggs are flushed out before they have a chance to even implant.

Luna said...

Yeah, but they'd say that's okay becaus that's God's will.