20 June 2010

A Canadian right-wing news channel? Please God... No.

My first thought? "Oh Good Christ! Let's not give my father-in-law more idiotic talking points, please!"


I agree with the gist of this post. This is NOT a good thing. I know some people think that if we expose the right for what they are, that it'll sink them. I don't think so. I think there are a lot of turbo-douches out there who are simply too Canadian to say, "Send those towelheads home! In a box!" Give them this sort of medium, and it's going to legitimize their bigotry to the point where they're not afraid to say it. I like the Canadian ideal of civility. Even if underneath the person is a conservatard. I'd rather they have to stay closeted to some extent. I mean, sure, they have the RIGHT to say what they want. But I want the rest of the country to look at them with horror when they say it. If this crap is broadcast into our homes 24/7, we'll be desensitized to it.

I mean, remember when "bitch" was a swearword? When they couldn't use it on TV? All of a sudden, it was okay, and was used regularly. My mother nearly keeled over when she heard it on TV. Now? Not that bad a word anymore. Mom uses it fairly regularly now. It's not that I want that word to crawl into a hole and die (though, I wouldn't complain), it's just an example of desensitization by media.

So no. I don't want that crap broadcast into my home. I'll seriously consider dropping my cable subscription if it is. And I intend to let Shaw Cable know that. And the CRTC. And that'd be huge in my house, because I have 3 kids (PBS is on a fair bit around here), and an insomnia problem - I watch a LOT of tv after 10pm. It's all shit, but hey, it helps me go to sleep.

I know, it smacks of censorship, but the issue is the must-carry license. If they cable company and satellite companies have to carry that crap, people will buy it, because it'll be bundled in with other shit. And it'll get a low channel, probably, too. NO. Simply no. If they want to broadcast their garbage, make it something that people have to demand to get. When there's no demand, it'll go away. If it gets a must-carry license, we'll be stuck with it. Because there are a lot of conservatard assholes out there who want their base fears legitimized.

I say No. Simply no. That shit is not news, not fact, not useful; it is harmful to our society. Keep it the hell out. We already have right wing news. It's called "the news". All of it, even the CBC panders to the right (they're scared of Harper's retaliation if they don't, and with good reason).