01 June 2010

Evil is as evil does... or something like that.

Stack estimates his law firm has represented more than 100 people who claim they were sexually abused by Catholic priests — many cases resulted in criminal convictions and compensation settlements.
"Our experience with the Catholic Church is that they give no quarter. They admit nothing. They fight everything. They put victims through extensive and excruciating discovery hearings, and the like, and we have no indication that this will be any different," said Stack
This is the single biggest reason why I believe the Catholic church is actively evil. That's not to say that every member is, but... "part of the problem or part of the solution". If the good people continue to do nothing, evil will continue to flourish (insofar as there actually is evil, which I don't buy. It's just humans doing what's right for them. I really am praying for a mass exodus from that church.

I'm working on a sermon for my own church's 85th anniversary. I'll share it with you all when I finish. My problem is that I have entirely too many ideas. :)


Fillibluster said...

The trouble is that as soon as any organization becomes the least bit powerful, it attracts those who lust after power. I believe that Christianity was doomed from the minute that the administrators got hold of it. They proceeded to demonize the pagan gods (Pan = Satan) and followers of earth religions, and focus on evil and punishment.

It would have been better all around if, instead of saying 'God is love", Jesus had said "Love is god".

Luna said...

I agree with the first statement and the last one.

To be fair though, not all of Christendom is like the Catholic Church. The United Church isn't, for example, really big on the whole evil thing. There's even a hymn that goes, "Love is God and God is love".