25 August 2010

Dear Asshat

Dear Whiny Asshat,
Ya know, just because you run a well-known, and well respected website, you are not above gentle criticism. If you appear to over-react and someone calls you on it, going off on a tirade about your personal safety and how you deserve more respect makes you sound like an arrogant asshole. Even if you weren't over-reacting, you sound like an arrogant asshole. And furthermore, "I was surprised by X's reaction" is NOT the same as "tacitly accusing X of being unreasonable". No, it means the reaction appeared unreasonable, and the commenter was surprised because X is usually a reasonble person.

Won't be bothering with your touchy site again.


Dr.Dawg said...

OK, I give up. What site is this?

Luna said...

Hiya Dr. Dawg. I won't be so classless as to name names, but suffice it to say it's a well known feminism blog.