18 October 2010

Bully boys

I dunno, I just have nothing lately. The boys are keeping me busy as usual. Crackle has figured out that if he pushes the chair slowly so it doesn't make a noise on the floor, that Mom won't come running nearly so quickly, if she notices at all. Little stinker. And Pop stands by and waits for Crackle to set up the trouble. The other day, the two of them got into a tub of margarine and WOW did they make a mess.

Somehow, that makes me think of the Conservatives. Politics on the brain, for sure. I think that the Cons think that if we don't notice them getting into trouble that we won't notice the mess they make of it. And if we do, they can say, "It's your fault for not stopping us!" or possibly, "If you'd helped me do it, I could have done it properly!" Sure, but you'd still be eating margarine, and that's not good for you.

Like the UN security council seat they just lost. You know and I know that they lost it because they've been a diplomatic nightmare around the world. But of course, they blame Iggy. Deflect. "But Mom! If you'd helped me, instead of saying I was doing something bad, it wouldn't have happened!" Yes, yes it would have, and besides which, it would have made us all look bad instead of just our current batch of naughty boys.

We teach our kids to take responsibility for their actions, somehow in politics it is better to be irresponsible and dishonest like bullies on the playground. And how sad is that?