10 November 2010

And can the guys in the white sheets protect us from racism too?

Hello, Facebookers! I say this as someone posted a link to my humble blog from facebook and my hits skyrocketed. Nice to have you here.

I'm appalled today that Saudi Arabia got a seat on the UN agency for women's equality and rights. Look at the headline there:

Iran loses bid to join UN Women

Saudi Arabia gets seat

Is it just me, but shouldn't the bigger headline be that Saudi Arabia got a seat? I mean, it should be a 'no shit, sherlock' moment that Iran was denied, given that they're currently planning to kill a woman for the dubious crime of adultery. It would be like giving the Pope a seat on a council to protect children from sexual abuse! 

The headline should SCREAM that Saudi Arabia bought a seat, that it's a flippin' mockery of the council itself that a seat was given to a country that doesn't allow women to drive, vote, or appear outside without head covering. 

Am I alone in seeing a positive to this though? With a seat on UN Women, shouldn't the rest of the UN at least attempt to hold them to a higher standard? I'm hoping that the rest of the UN starts pushing them to become a little more progressive. 


Anonymous said...

The UN is the menz world, they have their reasons, we just don't know what they are. And so it goes indefinitely. Great post.

Luna said...

Thanks Toe.

It's truly baffling - and yes, it's a mens world, that UN. Hell, the whole world is a mens world.