25 November 2010

bad break

I'm out of commission for a while. I broke the fifth metatarsal bone in left foot last night. I stepped wrong going down the stairs and fell, breaking the bone in a spiral fracture.

So, at least I'll be able to blog. Demerol blogging should be interesting.

I'm glad I hit the ER on a slow night. It only took 4 hours. The doctor was a bit brusque and a little weird, but okay. The only interesting thing at all was the guy who kept pulling his IV out and undressing. The nurses were getting a little exasperated with him, but they showed so much patience and compassion for him, I was really impressed.


fern hill said...

Ouch! I broke a metatarsal bone in foot too. The middle one. They just wrapped it up. No cast. I was a bit disappointed until a few years later when I broke my ankle and got my first cast. That was no fun.

You got my sympathy. But we do look forward to Luna blogging on drugs. ;-)

Luna said...

LOL. Yeah, the drugs are good. I'm trying to avoid taking them as much as possible though because of the breastfeeding. I know they're safe and all (they gave me the same drug when I was recovering from the c-section), but there's safe and then there's safe, ya know?

How the hell did you break the middle one? I broke the one on the outside - the baby toe one. And the doc said that it was a "very fluky injury". Thanks Doc.

He also said that women over 20 can't use crutches, so that shows what he knows.