23 November 2010

BREASTS! Now that I have your attention...

I've got a rather strange set of conflicting feelings today. Someone I tangentially know, via another blog and facebook, is getting a boob job today. She's a beautiful woman who feels like her breasts need to be larger for her to look right.

On one hand, I think she's bought into the societal b.s. and it annoys the piss out of the feminist in me that she's surgically altering herself to look more like Barbie. Especially when she's already considered drop-dead beautiful by the vast majority of this society. I mean, when she walks into a room, heads turn. She's stunning.

On the other hand, I know what it's like to have a part of my body that I fucking despise. And if I could afford to surgically change it, I would. But my issue isn't purely cosmetic. It actually causes me physical discomfort, so somehow I think that makes me better. Which is a load of judgmental shit. That's me, Holier than Thou.

And then there's the conflict I feel about her spending that kind of money on herself, when she's a newly single Mom with a deadbeat husband. I feel like she's being massively irresponsible with her money, but at the same time, I feel a twinge of jealousy that she can put herself first like that. I couldn't even bring myself to buy myself new boots to weather the snow. But somehow this woman can spend thousands of dollars on breast enlargement. I'm flabbergasted. Both horrified and jealous. It's a weird feeling.

In the end, it's none of my business, and I wouldn't dream of telling her what I think. It's her decision, her body, her money. And I am pretty good at stepping away from it. It's not that I think she should or shouldn't do it. I wouldn't judge either way.