03 November 2010

I really hate doctors (okay, not my ND, but the rest of 'em)

I know, I'm Posty McPosterson today. Sue me.

I've been watching this story for years. I can say "for years" because I know someone who knows him intimately. I can't say how, because that'd give away who she is, but suffice it to say she knows Dr. Henderson.

Since she started telling me about it years ago, I haven't been able to stand him. One of those "heebie jeebie" things that a person can't explain. The guy is a sleazebag. A user. And the story doesn't cover a lot of it.

It really makes me wonder what could be done to monitor doctors better. Clearly, the College failed two women (more, I'd say - but I don't wanna get sued for libel) because they cover the asses of the doctors. But they also scare doctors, and malicious complaints can be a real problem.

I've had some terrible doctors myself. One who made me cry during a pap test because it was so painful. One who made a comment about my stretch marks during a pap test and accused me of lying about ever having been pregnant (I hadn't been then - he thought I was lying because I had belly stretch marks). One of my doctors was this guy. Fortunately, only once, in an emergency. But I know people who saw him regularly. One guy got a hard-on while examining my feet. And that doesn't even account for the ones who were just uselessly incompetent.

So what do we do with doctors who abuse their doctor-patient relationships? What if the patient initiates it? Does that make a difference to the sentence? What do we do with doctors who are totally incompetent? And how do we find them? How do we stop them? How do we prove it? Regular testing? At whose expense?

Discuss. Show your work. :)


rww said...

"At a disciplinary hearing in July, Henderson, 60, was found guilty of sexual abuse of a patient but the charges of professional misconduct did not stick due to a lack of evidence."

How is "sexual abuse of a patient" NOT "professional misconduct" ???

Luna said...

Good question! I don't know how they define professional misconduct.