01 November 2010

omg! the gay!


A pastor at a megachurch in Georgia has come out as gay. Because of the "bullycides". That is a good man. Somehow it doesn't surprise me that he's not one of the types that preached homohatred, but for inclusivity and love. Had he been the other type, he'd still be in the closet until someone caught him.

Jim Wallis, a left-wing Christian, says, "There is disagreement within the Christian community when it comes to issues of human sexuality. But, there should be a united front against all who would disrespect, disparage, or denigrate anyone created in the image of God."  That's great, but doesn't go quite far enough, unless disrespect includes prevent from marriage (which it doesn't - Wallis preaches equal civil marriage, but wouldn't marry gay people himself) or other positions. Gay clergy? I'm all for it. Many Christians aren't. Hell, lots of them don't even want female clergy, at least not as pastor. Sure, they can do Children's ministry, but running the show? Nuh uh! Ridiculous. One of the best things about my church is the inclusivity. Women in leadership, flamingly gay ministers, it's all good.

Love is love is love.

The Bible's denigration of homosexuality has been a big problem for gays for way too long. The problem is interpretation and historical ignorance - that is, not understanding *why* there were rules against homosexuality. It was a law against being slutty more than it was a law against being gay. See, back then, getting your groove on with a guy (if you were also a guy) was considered an act of lust in the form of "OMG! NEED SEX! WILL FUCK ANYTHING AVAILABLE!" rather than an act of love between two people. Most Christians, even progressives like me, still think that it's best to keep it in your pants unless you have a loving connection with your partner. That the people writing the laws didn't understand the act totally changes the reading of it. No, it's probably not a great idea to engage in casual sex, and I truly believe that is what they were railing against.

So good for Jim Swilley for coming out. I hope he finds peace in his life. And good for Jim Wallis for preaching tolerance. I'll pray he'll one day find acceptance.