29 November 2010

Social services for the injured and sick

So, I've decided God hates me. No, not really, but it's what I joke when shit goes wrong. Especially shit that can in no way be someone else's fault. Like I fall down the stairs and break my damn foot. Now, as if that shit isn't bad enough, trying to use crutches to get the toilet, I put my back out. I'm a screamin' mess. Suffice it to say, I'm going to be on the demerol a little longer. Unfortunately, this means that I am on my back (HA!) for most of the day, which makes blogging a lot harder.

Today, I'm off to the chiropractor to align my spine and then to the hospital to see the specialist. I suspect that I'll sit and wait for several hours, messing up my newly aligned spine. Which will suck. I'm going to ask for a bed, I think. Wonder if they'll cooperate. Unfortunately, my husband won't be able to come with me because he'll have to look after the little ones.

So, since this has happened, I've really been thinking about what people do when they get injured and have kids. We have no family in town, and very few friends (that's what happens when one has disabled kids - social life goes kablooie). Because of the autism, we have respite funding, which means we can hire someone to come in and look after the kids. IF we can find someone. Also, because my husband has a good union job, he can take a lot of time off to help me until we do. But what happens to most people? Do they lose their jobs? Do they just screw their bodies up suffering through the pain to look after the kids? Are there social services in place for this? Or do they lose their kids to foster care until they're healed? I honestly don't know.

What I do know is that there should be something in place for people in situations like mine. There should be emergency babysitting services and funding for caregivers who are injured or sick. I have asked everyone I know to pass my name around, and so far, nothing. Not even a bite. And I'm paying WELL over minimum wage. I don't want to resort to advertising on Craigslist and UsedVictoria, but I guess I might have to. At least I'll be home the whole time.

Update: I have to be off my foot for 6 weeks. This blows chunks. I'm sure the chunks like it, but I'm not impressed. I am however extremely impressed with the nurses at the ortho clinic at VGH who bumped me to the head of the line because the two little ones were acting up and their daddy was a little overwhelmed.