14 January 2011

Same-sex weddings guaranteed

I'm late to the topic, but mostly because I don't think my thoughts on the matter are a surprise to anyone. The Saskatchewan court has said that it would not be constitutional for any marriage commissioner to refuse to marry same-sex couples, even if there are other commissioners available.


You don't get to choose not to do your job because you're a bigot and not have consequences for it. Sure, refuse, but expect your ass to be on the EI line tomorrow. If you're in the job of marrying people, you marry whomever comes to you legally. If you can't do that within your ethical standards, get a new job.

Look, I think that the government should get out of the marrying business altogether. The government should offer contractual civil unions. Churches should marry people. If you want both, you get both. If you want one, you get one. Whatever.