26 January 2011

So much for that money-saver

So you may remember that I was getting cheaper prescription drugs from Snoqualmie. For some reason, Crackle's meds cost me $27 there or $760 here. So I bought them there. Well, it seems that someone closed my loophole. Health Canada apparently called Falls Pharmacy and told them they're breaking Canadian law by mailing me these drugs! So now I can't get them any more. Unless I show up in person to buy them. Though, given the cost of the ferry, that's really not going to work for me. If I lived on the mainland, I'd consider it. Though, I am very much opposed to entering the US for any reason.

Are any of you familiar with the law enough that you might know what law they're supposedly breaking? What gives? Obviously, the makers of the drugs would like me to pay massively to get these drugs, but I imagine the insurance company may have a problem with it. I'll be calling them to see if they can't put some pressure on someone to make this a more reasonable price in Canada. They seem to have clout.

I'm rather pissed off about this. Because at 80%, I'm still going to end up paying ~$150 to get these drugs every three weeks instead of about ~$6. I simply cannot afford that. And he needs them badly. Hell, I can tell by 10AM if he's missed them at 9.