01 February 2011

On Sunday, the lovely minister at my tiny little church, talked about the Beatitudes. It's one of my favourite scriptures. Probably because it challenges the hell out of the conservative thinking patterns. (No, I joke. But it doesn't hurt. :)) Anyway, if you're not familiar, here's a link. I'm not good at getting everything I want to from a sermon; usually my mind is going in 3 directions minimum - and this past Sunday at least 46. But I got something good: having things is a really crappy thing to build your life on. Only God is a good foundation. FABULOUS. I love it. I can be happy, no matter what. I can have blessings out the wazoo if I know where to look for them. And they're not in things. They're in God. Nice.

That's not to say, "ooooh, you poor people, don't try to make life better for yourselves, because you'll be rewarded in Heaven." Not at all. It's more of a call to build the foundation of your life on something other than money. Build it on God, because that's not going to come crashing down. It's something that's always there for you if your relationship ends, you lose your job, etc. Really, we're back to 'hope'. God gives us hope. Without hope, what's the point?

It's been a weird week. My daughter, Snap, my firstborn, my baby, finished her first set of provincial finals (gr10!) and came out as bisexual. Dude. I am SO FREAKING PROUD of her. She came out to me years ago, and I told her that it was fine with me and fine with her dad. She waited until after her very last PE class ever and then she did it on facebook by changing her "interested in" setting. It's definitely a 21st century world! And today, I registered Crackle in Kindergarten. (Already I don't like the principal. This does not bode well.)

I see God in my kids. My daughter and her amazing courage, her strong values and beliefs. My sons and their innocence and pure way of looking at things. I probably do build my life on the relationships around me rather than on God, but I think that's primarily because that's where I find God. In people. In the good things they do when they don't need to.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a big week. I just found this post via twitter searching for "christian feminist" and I'm glad I did :)

I think the beatitudes is definitely one of those passages that is wonderful if your politics are already in line with it and impossible to read if you've got a more conservative bent. I wish it was taught in every church every single week.

If you'd like a decidedly feminist lens on the beatitudes, check this out: http://silentvoicesbible.com/voices/40-matthew-005.html

Thanks for your honesty and openness in your post. Hope I'm not imposing to comment as a stranger.

Luna said...

Hi Jack. Nice to meet you! You are welcome here. :)

Thanks for the link. It looks very interesting.