24 February 2011

Stop confusing God's will with your own

No. Not just no, but HELL NO. A military chaplain apparently told a rape victim that her rape was God's will and that she should attend church more often.

Oh. Your. God. Because that is not my God. No way, no how, no chance.

What in bloody hell is wrong with that chaplain?! How can he honestly think that God thought, "Ya know, Sgt Havrilla sinned once too many times. I think I'm going to have GI Joe rape her today. That'll make her come and worship me"? WHAT?! He's out of his fucking mind!

God LOVES. Rape is an act of hatred and control. God doesn't do that. Ever.


CK said...

We live in an upside down world these days, don't we? I seem to remember a similarly idiotic statement from that Justin Bieber (even the next generation so-called heart throbs are dumber than ours' were).

That aside, I think it's going to get worse before it gets better. I read last night about this Georgia state representative who wants to pass bills making "medically unsupervised miscarriages" criminalized.

Some other twit in South-Dakota who is attempting to table a bill to make the murder of abortion providers "justifiable homocide".

Recently, some cop making a presentation at Osgoode Hall, suggested that women 'not dress like sluts' to protect themselves.

Such depravity on the move.

Luna said...

CK: Yeah, I hear ya. It's crazy. It's why I'm a feminist.