07 March 2011

This is getting a little random

Here's the thing. I hate February. And March. But especially January. My kids all have birthdays within a month of each other (WTF, body? Getting knocked up *3* times for Canada Day? Not cool. Patriotic, I suppose, but not cool) So yeah. I hate it. And then politics pisses me off. And people piss me off more.

I would move to Sweden in a heartbeat if Mom didn't live here. I am not impressed with the Harper regime Government. No, not at all. Nor am I impressed with the legacy of Gordon Campbell, and the inevitable cleanup that will be involved with that. I'm voting for John Horgan, though at this point, anyone that promises me that NDs will be allowed to bill MSP for testing will win my vote. Honestly, how irresponsible are the Conservatards Liberals for allowing NDs to prescribe medicine but not be allowed to test to see if patients need it, or if the med is working, or even if the med is doing damage?! It's CRAZY!

And then there's the OMGHeadEXPLODE Autism Funding Unit. Seriously, is that place run by trolls? Pop was dx'd in November. They still have no record of him in their computer. His service provider has not been paid. At all. Whenever I call about it, they accuse me of not sending in the invoice payment form. I inform them that I have, they say that I haven't. I tell them to go check the in-box. They grumble and bitch, then come back and say, "Well, we got it on Feb 8!" Yeah, a MONTH AGO! And furthermore, that was the second copy I sent in. They lost the first one. GRRR.

Also, can someone tell me why if I don't use all of their funding this year, I can't hold it over to next year? It's stupid. I mean, Snap's giving back $5000 of $9000 because I had a rough year and we didn't spend it all. Really? So now we can't use that money. Not her fault, but too bad.

And finally, if a politician will fix it so that NDs can be covered by MSP or Autism Funding, I'd not only vote for her/him, I'd fix every computer in the office for a year. That's right, a year of free tech support.

I'm tired, and I'm cranky. Pop doesn't think sleep is a worthwhile venture. Crackle does, but stopping at all for anything else EVER is not cool with him. And Snap is a teenager. It takes all my energy to just not strangle her. And dammit, my foot still hurts! /whining