07 April 2011

Evil is as evil does

Today, in a lame attempt at a joke, I posted this to twitter (a modified retweet of something from @RogerEbert) 
"Cambridge U psychopathologist says a lack of empathy is the root of all evil." So Conservatives ARE the devil. Gotcha.
Someone replied:
"if you believe in God, Jesus logical you must believe in evil, Evil does not play by any rules, and must to be fought."
Hmm. I'm not sure that I do believe in evil. It's a very tricky concept for me to wrap my head around. I certainly don't believe in a deity of evil like "Satan" or whatever. My thoughts, at this point in my spiritual path, are more like a belief in evil being the absence of good. Turning away from what is good and right to act in one's own self interest. Hurting people intentionally because it might be fun is evil. It truly does stem from a lack of empathy.

Jesus said to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, forgive the debts of the indebted. He said to be nice to everyone, not just those people with whom you agree. He prevented the murder of a woman for prostitution/adultery. He healed people. He was the embodiment of what is good. It's why I get so bloody mad when I see people claiming to follow his path being so callous.

And it's why I cracked the joke about the Conservatives. It was only half a joke, really, because it does seem to me that they have little to no empathy for anyone. Poor people, abuse victims, crime victims, none of them matter a good goddamn to those people. They don't even attempt to pay lip service to the problem (as the Liberals do). It's just plain evil to cut programs for abuse victims while spending money on unnecessary wars. It's evil to lock people up for growing the wrong plants. I could go on.

So, there ya are. My noodling for the day.


Anonymous said...

I cannot begin to tell you how much I agree with you.

Luna said...

Betty: Of course you do. We're clearly the same person, populating the web with left-wing propaganda, cleverly disguised to appear Christian. :)