26 April 2011

Random update

Bad blogger! So much going on and so little blogging happening.

I've been watching the election like I'm sitting on a roller coaster. I get all excited when I see Ekos projecting 100 NDP seats but then I watch CBC and they give a ton of time to some asshole economist who goes on about how the NDP would ruin the economy. The CBC isn't liberal. It's Liberal. Considerable difference.

I'm watching Stevil tell us wimmens that we're just uninformed if we don't vote for him. Paternalistic asshole.

I celebrated Easter with my family and my church. That was lovely. The kids behaved at church, making it seem to everyone that I exaggerate their issues, I'm sure! :) Easter means hope, rebirth, and the belief that life doesn't end when our bodies do. It's also something of the notion that ideas don't die. They could kill the messenger, but the message lives on. In the midst of a contentious election, and inlaws who insist on voting for Conservatives, it was a message I needed.

On the way home, I listened to some marvelous new music from a band so new and indie that I can't even find quality You Tube videos of it. They're called West My Friend, and they're fabulous. Go listen.

And being true to my hippie vegan westcoast self (even though I grew up omnivorous in the prairies!) I got myself a community garden plot. Actually, I got two. Beautifully serendipitous. My husband picked up a piece of litter, because he's good about that, and it was a flyer for a free community garden plot. He gave it to me, and I called immediately. Got not only a plot, but I got it for free. It is completely organic and includes access to water, tools, PLANTS, SEEDS, and best of all, it's right next door to my house. If it weren't for the pesky fence between my complex and theirs, it'd be 30m from my door. Completely awesome. So when I went to have a tour of it, she told me they have an extra plot and do I want another? YES! Score! Everyone local is getting fresh veggies this summer. As long as I don't screw it up, that is! :)


Anonymous said...

from the article you linked to
'"it’s the Conservatives who are managing the economy well,” she [Helen Friel] said.'

Gatineau Conservative candidate Jennifer Gearey :
" Their allegations are completely empty, they give no justifications.”

Personally, I would say that Gearey's comment applies to what Friel said. Structural deficit before the recession, not seeing the recession coming, only reacting to the recession to avoid an election ...

As for the CBC being Liberal ... I think not. Compare the grilling Mansbridge gave Ignatieff (based more or less on Harper's talking points) compared with the almost sycophantic talk with Harper (also basically following Harper's talking points). The CBC, IMHO, has gone out of their way to treat the CONs with kid gloves and has only followed up on stuff to egregious to ignore.

Luna said...

You're absolutely right on the CBC with regard to Mansbridge. Mansbridge must still have carpet marks on his knees after that much kneeling. I'm seeing a lot of Liberal leaning tweets and opinion pieces though. I think Harper gets the kid gloves because they're afraid they'll get their funding cut, but they (with the exception of Mansbridge, I think) want the Libs to win.

CK said...

In the midst of a contentious election, and inlaws who insist on voting for Conservatives, it was a message I needed.

I hear ya. On first night of Passover, the Seder din-din with my inlaws (they really should be called outlaws, btw; they should be outlawed!). Anyway, I was trapped over 15 minutes in a car enduring my mother in law lecturing me about how dreamy Stevie is and "Oh, The Economy!" "He's an economist, you know". Lesson here: get gravol injection before boarding a vehicle with that woman.

Betty Fokker said...

Hugs some trees for me too, next time you are out in nature. All the trees around here have restraining orders against me for sexual harassment.

Ignorance said...

BBC News reports that there is only a 5% gap between the NDP and the Conservatives.


I haven't checked the report itself, though, so I have no idea how that will result in seats.

They also have a profile of prof. Layton (and the other leaders as well):


Luna said...

Ignorance: Sadly, it will not come to the same number of seats. It just won't. We really need some proportional representation, but that won't happen. People here vote "no" for any change, it seems. :(

Ignorance said...

Yes, too bad you still have the Westminster system. How the Senate works is even whackier.

It reminded me of what happened to Russia's House of Lords under Putin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federation_Council_of_Russia

But I hope the Conservative minority (but plurality) will be small enough for a lefty coalition to form.

Luna said...

The senate is an outdated model of uselessness.

I'm hoping for a coalition too. I think it's a great idea, but the people here are so scared of it. Harper is drilling into them that it's a way of cheating, stealing the government from his rightful ownership. Bastard.