28 April 2011

What works for me

I ran into a new (to me) blog today, and I'm totally in love. Stark Raving Mad Mommy is genius. I love the wit, the stories, the love. All of it. Anyway, I was reading this brilliant post about doing what works for you and I had a rather large lolsob at the line "You have a cabinet full of nutritional supplements?" because you ought to see the impressive collection of nutritional supplements (and one massive jar of peanut butter - in the medicine cabinet because it can be locked away from little hands that like to dip, lick, and smear.

Here's what it's like in that basket:

 Now, remember, my husband does not believe in keeping anything we don't use, so if it's there, one or more of us takes it.

So, that's why my house is shabby enough that people who visit think we're poor. :)