01 May 2011

Christian Voting

The minister at my church today, a guest speaker, said, "Some people will say that politics and religion don't mix. Hogwash. If that's true, there's something seriously anemic about our faith, or something seriously suspect about our politics. Vote for the candidate or party who can do the most for your neighbour. Jesus told us to love our neighbour as ourselves. So think about your neighbour when you vote." He stopped there and let us decide who cared about our neighbours most. 

I'm thinking about all the parents of kids with autism, all the parents who have jobs and need childcare, the people we're shipping asbestos to, the poor, the imprisoned, the people who just want to smoke pot in peace, and so so so many other people. The Conservatives don't have your back. They don't have your neighbours' backs. They care about their own power and nothing else. Please, vote for the party that will help out the most people.

DrDawg discovered something that utterly infuriated me today. A Con cabinet minister, one James Moore, says that people with Autism aren't disabled. They're a special interest group, and therefore the government will not allow them to have EIBI covered by medicare.

That. Ignorant. Fucking. Bastard.

Yeah, I know there are some lucky high-functioning people with Autism who are happy to be who they are with the abilities they have. That's nice for them. But for many others, autism is a big disability. Crackle has a vocal stim he can't control. He can't go to the bathroom by himself. He's a danger to himself. He can't talk at all. Moore's going to tell me he doesn't have a disability? Please. Snap is so affected by the anxiety that comes with her autism that she had to hold my hand to make a phone call until she was 14. She still doesn't like to make calls. She has trouble in school. She has trouble making and keeping friends. She can't make eye contact. She's undergoing extensive therapy to help her get ready to be able to hold a job. This isn't a disability? Puhleeze.

Moore and his ilk don't care about my kids. They don't care about your kids. They don't care about you. They don't care about your neighbours. They care about power and nothing else.


CK said...

A rabbi at a Sephardic Jewish synagogue in Mount-Royal riding where there is a nasty campaign going on by the Cons with candidate Saulie Zajdel, has basically told his congregation how to vote, by saying that Harper is a "prophet for Israel". I really wish I was kidding.

CK said...

Autism is a special interest group. Hmm. James Moore should perhaps spend a day with me at my job where I co-habit with an autistic man who works in the mailroom just behind my front desk where I work.

Luna said...

A *Christian* is a prophet for Israel? WTF?!

And yeah, clearly Moore hasn't been touched by Autism.

CK said...

Go figure! A Christian fundy is a "prophet for Israel" Go read my post all about the disturbing race--as viewed through my own eyes and heard with my own ears for the rest of the ghoulish campaign if you dare.


Ghoulish doesn't begin to describe it.

Didn't know you had two autistic children. My hat goes off to you. I have heard and read how difficult it is to get help.

I only have to watch the mailroom man that he doesn't break the mailing machine in frustration five days a week and I find that challenging.

I wish you the best.

Luna said...

Gah. That's disgusting. Politics is getting so much worse.

Actually, I have 3 children with Autism. I was just so mad I didn't even mention Pop's issues (probably because he didn't frustrate me much today *grin*). Thanks. It's amazing how frustrating it can be. Especially with the middle one. But there's fun and happiness too. When Pop gets a new episode of Thomas or Snap is giggling at something stupid on TV or Crackle is jumping on the trampoline with glee, it's just amazing. :)

Allie said...

Ugh. That's insulting to autistic people and other disabled people. By saying that autistic people can function and therefore they shouldn't be considered disabled that implies that disabled people can't function. That just reeks for everyone.

shelly said...

Massive ugh. Even worse, you guys have to put up with that ideology for the next four years. :(

Anonymous said...

I just read the voting results. I am so sorry. Did a bunch of Canadians look at how "well" Bush and the Cons ran our country for 8 years and think, "Gee! That looks swell! I'll have some of that!"?

And Moore can kiss my Aspie daughters tiny ass. And mine too come to think of it.

Luna said...

betty: That is *exactly* what they said. I cannot believe how stupid 40% of 60% of us are. Cannot believe.