20 May 2011

I hope Telus is right and the future is friendly...

Spooky. I got a notice on my door on Tuesday that DHL had attempted a delivery. It was marked only with the date and an X in the box "please contact us to schedule another attempt".

There are two problems here:
1) I am not expecting a package.
2) The date is 11/16/11. Um, I'm really not expecting a package from 6 months in the future.

So I went on the DHL website and rescheduled it for Thursday. Nothing. Friday 3pm rolls around. Nothing. So I phoned them. They have no record of my address or the Delivery Notice Number.

I feel like I'm in the first scene of a sci-fi movie.


Anonymous said...

ARGH! It keeps eating my posts

Luna said...

No one replied or emailed me about the comment eating except for you. I love you so much, I may switch anyway. :)

I'll look into it, anyway. It's finding the time. :(