17 June 2011

Politics as Usual

I have just not been able to get worked up about politics lately. Honestly, the Con win really knocked the wind out of my sails. I feel like I just have to weather the storm until the fuckers get voted out in 4ish years.

But I'm still watching and shaking my head. The PM's own office breaking spending rules? That does ^NOT surprise me. I feel like I'm getting cynical. See, here's the thing. They're the assholes who screamed and hollered about Adscam, accountability, and cleaning up Ottawa. And now, they're just as bad as the Liberals ever were. It's disgusting. Not that I ever believed them in the first place...

  The union busting tactics between Canada Post and the feds don't surprise me either. I know, it's shocking, but I support the union. The thing of it is that Canada Post runs a profit. It is not taxpayer supported. So there's no excuse to not pay decent wages and good pensions. None.

Oh, and CBC is liberal media. And my ass smells like roses. Could this article be any more slanted against the union? I mean, I know it's opinion, but it's anti-union. So it's not lefty. HELLO?!

In good news, Ed Broadbent has announced a left-wing think tank. Something to rival the Fraser Institute, I imagine. Shouldn't be hard to outthink that bunch. I wonder if they'll give me a job. :)

Oh, and since I'm a BCer, I have to say something about the rioting in Vancouver the other night. It would have happened regardless of the game outcome. It's simple: when you get over 100000 people in one place, about 1 in 1000 of them will be a total fucking asshole. The hockey was more or less irrelevant. To explain this, I drew this venn diagram.


ck said...

I live in Montreal, so I'm no stranger to Stanley Cup riots. I look upon them with some cynical amusement, as long as no one gets hurt, of course.

If Ed Broadbent's new Think Tank is looking for folks, why not apply? It could be fun. Only, I think you'd have to relocate to Ottawa. Still, a fun idea.

I think we're only seeing the beginning with Stevie. Buckle your seatbelt, it's goin' to be one bumpy ride!

Oh, and they're far worse than the Liberals ever were. Furthermore, unlike the Liberals, they have enablers. Think about it, with ADSCAM, Chuck Guite, a public servant, not even an MP, went to jail. Tugboat Tony gets his mits on the pursestrings after misspending the money without a papter trail. Bevie Odeous doctors documents and gets re-elected and keeps her old cabinet position. With ADSCAM, the Liberals were voted out of office only to not govern since. The Harpercons, with all their transgressions, which, by far, surpass ADSCAM, get promoted to a majority. Still trying to figurre out how that works.

Betty Fokker said...

Could be worse. You could live in Texas :0)

Luna said...

Heh. Which part?

Did they light cop cars on fire? Riot? Loot stores?

Of course, I'd never live in Texas. Ugh. I'm staying on this side of the border forever. If at all possible, that is. :)

Luna said...

ck: Yeah, I know they're worse. It's really really stupid on the part of Canadians. I think they just have better spin jockeys.

As for Broadbent's Think Tank, as much as I'd love to, I'm in no position to take any job (my boys need me at home, unfortunately), and relocating to Ottawa would be highly stupid of me, because the Ontario autism program situation is unbelievably bad. Though, if I got a good job, I could work to pay for private care... Hmm. :) If MrFCS gets transfered there, it mightn't be the end of the world. :)