10 July 2011

Don't be That Guy

How hard is it to figure that out not have sex with drunk women? Apparently many men still need to get the message. There's a poster campaign in Vancouver now, warning guys not to be "that guy". The guy that takes home the drunk girl and then rapes her. You know, that guy. According to cbc.ca, the posters say, "Sex without consent is assault." Another says, "Just because she's drunk, it doesn't mean she wants to f**k."

Okay, good. I'm all for reminding men not to be rapist douchebags. I don't know how much this will help, but it's about damned time that the onus was put on men. Because women don't bring on their own rapes. Not if we're drunk, not if we're dressed provocatively. Never. It is not our responsibility to "not get raped". It is the responsibility of men to not rape us.

DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS at cbc. This is good advice for always, but it's particularly important for this article, as the rape apologists, men's rights activists, and other douchecanoes are out in spades. I swear, the very first comment I read was, "Yeah? But what about the men who get preyed upon by women?" Yeah, OMG. What about the menz?! Jesus wept. Another one said that it was too one-sided of a campaign, that women need to be responsible for their actions. Yes, because having one too many drinks totally means fuck me without my consent. Another yet  equates being hit on by "ugly girls" to being raped while drunk.

Clearly, we still need feminism. 


C.M. said...

Clearly, we need DEATH RAYS.

Luna said...

Clearly, we need DEATH RAYS that can smite idiots via TCP/IP. :)

Betty Fokker said...

How does the world spin under the weight of so many, many asshats??