26 July 2011

Gotcha? I'll give ya gotcha...

One of my favourite political bloggers, the completelytotallysuperawesome Fern Hill at Dammit Janet was insulted in The Star this morning by a whiny little sucky baby who fails to grasp the difference between one's political record and a meaningless offhanded comment. The Star won't let her rebut without giving up her anonymity, which she's not willing to do (with good reason). So, go read it.

My thought? Gotcha politics is when a politician says one thing, and someone dredges up a quote (usually out of context) showing otherwise and uses it to say "GOTCHA!" This isn't that. This is, "Hmm, you said this. Could you please clarify your position?" The difference is rather important, but clearly too much for Mr. Stupid OpEd. Typical of the right.