13 July 2011

Little Things, again

I've done a lot of complaining lately, so this post is going to be about things I love.

Lately, I've noticed some things about my loved ones that I particularly love:
1) Snap - proudly out and not takin' crap from anyone. She has a date on Saturday with someone she met at the Pride parade last weekend. (OMG! This is me, NOT freaking out.)
2) Crackle - his hatred of certain ads cracks me up endlessly. He loses his freakin' mind if he can't shut the TV off when there's one of the following products being advertised: a) iPhones, iPods, iPads; b) Tylenol; c) Home Hardware; d) Subway; e) Dairy Queen if it's with the disembodied mouth. When these ads are on, he FLIES for the TV to shut it off. If he happens to be strapped into his booster seat, he goes utterly insane with the screaming to get it shut off. Those ads are like nails on a chalkboard to him. I find it hilarious.
3) Pop - When I blow bubbles for him, he runs around hitting them yelling "POP!" It's adorable.
4) MrFCS - When I ask for something, instead of saying "absolutely" he says "absosmurfly". This started well before the new Smurfs movie was announced.

Other shit I love:
Futurama reruns.
Sex dreams (Something's up with my hormones, my dreams are on FIRE! Damn.)
The weather - I freakin' love a summer that never hits 25.
Jumping on the trampoline with the kids, especially when Pop is demanding "RIAW!" (rhymes with Meow) which is PopSpeak for Ring Around the Rosie.
Crackle's way of telling me he's ready for bed - he grabs me and pulls me up the stairs. I MUST hold him until he sleeps. It's one of the best parts of my day.

"You can't argue with the little things, Homer. It's the little things that make up life." Hank Scorpio in The Simpsons episode You Only Move Twice


shelly said...

Congrats to Snap! :)

And you're having sex dreams? That must be a sign. ;)

Luna said...

A sign of what?! :)

Luna said...

Sorry Betty, I accidentally deleted your comment! My bad. Fortunately, I didn't delete the email.

Betty Fokker said, "I love that Lilo is so earnest. I love that Stitch is so headstrong. I love that Spock will not be dominated, dammit. These things make parenting hard, and may make things harder for them sometimes, but they also make my girls exceptional and will one day make them strong women."