07 July 2011

Sick and tired. Literally and Figuratively.

It's been over two weeks since I've managed to bang out a post. Unacceptable, Luna. Unacceptable.

I'm feeling really down about politics and feminism lately. And socialism is halfway into the ground. Autism is kicking our asses over here, and to top it all off, I have a cold.

The DSK case was the first big piss off. What the fuck is the New York Post doing, citing anonymous sources that the victim was a prostitute? Seriously. 1) Not relevant. Anyone can be raped. 2) At the time of the assault (alleged or otherwise), she was working as a chambermaid, not as a prostitute. 3) Isn't the Post usually a right-wing rag? Why are they protecting DSK? The implication is clear: Man > Woman. Or is it White man > Black Woman? What if the maid had been a white Republican woman? OH! WAIT! She'd still be poor, because otherwise, she wouldn't be working as a maid. So, she's still fucked.

And then it was Canada Day, and someone told me that if I wanted to "bash" Canada, I could gtfo. Door's over there, she said. Yeah, you know what? If I could swing it, I'd be on my way to Sweden, Norway, or Denmark in a flash. But I can't. Not with 3 disabled kids in tow and no grasp of the languages. So, PARDON THE FUCK OUT OF ME if I bitch and complain about what this country could do better. Let's start with medical care for kids with Autism. Autism treatment is not covered by medicare. Why in hell not?

And then there was the Casey Anderson case. Oh. Your. God. That poor little Caylee. No, I'm not outraged about the verdict though. Because, 1) I wasn't there. I don't know what prosecution presented; 2) I'm not hellbent on getting revenge for crimes. Yes, I'd like to see the perpetrator go to jail and stay there forever. Murder a child and go straight to jail. Do not pass go. Certainly do not collect $200. But she wasn't convicted, so I"m not going to scream for revenge. And that's what this shit is. It's NOT a call for justice. There is no justice when a child is murdered. No matter what happens. And you know what else? It is disgusting to call for this woman's torture and cruel and unusual punishment when at the same time decrying the inhuman murder of a little kid. No. No one should be tortured. Ever. Not for anything.

And finally, Lush Limbaugh, that piece of shit, compared her murder to abortion. He went on about how liberals seem to care so much about this kid now, but if her mother had killed her three years earlier when she was in the womb, the mother would be a hero. UM... WTF? First of all, no one is a hero for an abortion. No one anywhere claims that. Lush doesn't care for facts though. Furthermore, he doesn't care for children. At least not once the umbilical cord is cut. He and his band of asshole Republicans have consistently voted against every single program intended to help children. So I'm thinking he's saying, "No one cares about kids, we certainly don't. So the liberals are just full of false outrage and need to STFU." And it makes me sick.

Speaking of sick, I have a cold. It started in my chest and moved up. I'm miserable. And I have no one to help me, which means I have to look after little kids while I'm sick. It's a serious pain. At least my husband works one of those cushy government jobs that allows him to take a bit of time off here and there, so he took the morning off yesterday so I could sleep.

And that's another thing. The consistent attempts to destroy the benefits of workers via union busting is INFURIATING. I am so sick of the teacher bashing. And I can't stand the vast majority of teachers. They're annoying, self-righteous, condescending know-it-alls. But I don't hate them for their salaries or benefits. Shit, they're underpaid for what they do. So I don't begrudge them their benefits, even though they piss me off on a personal level. (And this work-to-rule shit may seriously fuck up Snap if I can't get an IEP meeting in September - I'd rather they just went on strike).

So yeah, that's where my brain's been at for the last few weeks. Too sick and tired of it all to blog coherently. Maybe I'll just tell some cute stories about my kids for a few days. :(


shelly said...

The Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch (he who, as you likely know, also owns Faux Noise...err, I mean Fox News), so yeah. Right-wing rag.

Nice to see Rushbo is still an asshole.

Feel better soon. *hugs*

The Mound of Sound said...

I suspect what ails you spiritually is some sort of contagion that has afflicted many progressives of late. It's particularly true of those with environmentalist leanings. The wind, it seems, has gone out of our sails. It's becoming increasingly harder to question the purpose of commitment.

Yet before long we realize that despair is simply defeat self-inflicted as we gather up our tools and weapons to wade into the scrap once again. If you accept aspirations for what they are and valid of themselves and detach them from outcomes it becomes much easier to keep plugging away.

I didn't mean to preach. Sorry.

Luna said...

Mound of Sound: No worries. I got to church every week to hear someone preach. I got to read it here instead. It's all good. :)

Betty Fokker said...

Sometimes, you gets the sadz just get you because it seems impossible to change anything. I haz the sadz too.

Luna said...

Shelly: So even in rightwinglandia, socialists are more valuable than female chambermaids. Got it.

Betty: Yeah, that's certainly part of it.