15 August 2011

Scary shit

Crackle is going for a sleep EEG tomorrow. He has had a few seizures, and now they're going to see if they can record them with this fancy ass test. He has to be sedated, because there's no way in hell he'll lie still for it. I mean, there's a better chance that Rick Perry will convert to Islam. So yeah, sedation.

So I'm really nervous for him. He'll be so scared. And he's been off his taurine for a week (because that raises the seizure threshold) and he's already a mess. He's not sleeping well. Tonight he NEEDED to stack his shirts. And then he needed to get out of the house for a stroller ride. His Daddy has him out now.

And what's worse? He can't eat after 8am. He eats pretty much constantly. He's NOT going to understand why he can't eat. He's going to be a fucking disaster. Gah.

MrFCS is taking the day off work to help me with all of it. I do wish that weren't necessary. So yeah. I could use another drink.

A picture of him from the other day during our adventure at Royal Roads.